27 January 2021 English Preparatory Mid-term Proficency Exam

T.C. Istanbul Arel University

School of Foreign Languages

English Preparatory School Online Proficiency Exam Guidelines


·        The first session of the Proficiency test will be held on Wednesday, 27th of January, 2021. Students who pass this exam will be entitled to take the Speaking test that will be held on Friday, 29th of January, 2021. Students who fail from the written test can not take the Speaking Test.

·        Written exam starts at 11:00 and ends at 13:40.

·        The exam consists of 3 parts:

§  11.00-11.40: Reading/ 30 points

§  12.00-12.40: Use of English / 40 points

§  13.00-13.40: Writing (Essay) / 40 points

·        Exam will be conducted online on Zoom.

·        2 instructors will serve as online supervisors during the exam.

·        On that day, the exam will be done through a computer or similar device with a broadband internet connection, sound and camera system. In addition, these devices must have ‘zoom’ and ‘Microsoft word’ programs.

·        Questions will be sent to the students via e-mail. Students are required to send back the answers at the end of each session.

·        Passing grade for the written test is 70. Students who score below 70 will be considered as unsuccessful and can not take the speaking test. These students will continue the English prep class for the second term. Students who do not take the speaking test can not be exempt from the prep class.

·        Passing grade for the speaking test is also 70.

·        Speaking test will be conducted online on Zoom.

·        Speaking exam will be conducted by an instructor as a Q&A session for about 10 minutes. Students are expected to answer B2 level questions fluently.

·        ID control will be done before each test.

·        During the test, student cameras will not be turned-off and the students will not be allowed to leave the screen.

·        Students will not be allowed to use extra devices during the exam.

·        It is mandatory to be alone during the test and all students have to do the test individually.

·        In any case of doubt or violation of the rules,the test will be cancelled by the group supervisor.

·        In any case of cheating or any problem during the ID control…etc. the test will be cancelled and the management will take action about the student according to the disciplinary regulations.

·        All test will be recorded by the ‘Group Supervisor’.


School of Foreign Languages