School of Foreign Languages Turkish Preparatory School Online Proficiency Exam Guidelines

The first session of the Proficiency test will be held on Tuesday, 21st of September, 2021. Students those pass this exam will be entitled to take the reading test that will be held on the same day. Students who fail the speaking exam cannot take the reading test.

A WhatsApp group will be created for each class by the instructors responsible for further information and guidance. Students can see their groups and responsible instructors in the attached file that will be sent to them.

Examination is going to be face to face in Sefaköy. Candidates who are not in Turkey will be able to participate in online exam with their foreign student certificate. Online exams will be held on Wednesday, 22.09.2021 at 10:00. Candidates will be informed via WhatsApp.

Students with missing mobile phone numbers will send their mobile phone information to the supervisor’s e-mail address which is written above the group list.

Passing grade for the speaking test is 15/25.

Speaking exam will be conducted by an instructor as a Q&A session for 10 minutes. Students are expected to answer B2 level (For master grade C1) questions fluently.

You must get min. 70 points for all sections (for master grade min. 80)

Detailed information about the Speaking test will be given after the written test.

ID control will be done before each test.

During the test, students’ cameras will not be turned-off and the students will not be allowed to leave the screen.

Students will not be allowed to use extra devices during the exam.

Students must be alone during the test and all students have to do the test individually.

In any case of doubt or violation of the rules, the test will be cancelled by the group supervisor.

In any case of cheating or any problem during the ID control, etc. the test will be cancelled and the management will take action regarding the student according to the disciplinary regulations.

All test will be recorded by the ‘Group Supervisor’.

In case of any problems, you can send e-mail to

You must fill the registration form to take the exam.

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