The Scope of Precautions for Covid-19 at the Campus Entrances

Dear Students,

Fall Semester of 2021/22 Academic Year will start face to face on 04.10.2021. Preventive measures for Covid-19 will be applied at the campus entrances. 

  1. It is important and necessary that you give “APPROVAL” to the sharing of your data with the Ministry of Health via “Life fits into HOME (HES)” mobile application and website. 
  2. If your HES Code is not recorded in the university system or if it has expired, you must enter your HES code along with your ID card number on 
  3. Your HES code status must be “riskless”. 
  4. If you have gone through Covid-19 in the last six months, your ID card would be open for entry. 
  5. Students who have not vaccinated for the 1st time or who have not passed 14 days after the 2nd dose will be able to enter to the institution provided that they have been completed PCR tests within the last 72 hours.
  6. HES codes will be inquired through Ministry of Health system and the students not meeting the terms mentioned above cannot enter the campuses.
  7. Students must bear their HES codes, vaccination cards in every possible condition and be able to show those to the security staff when asked.
  8. Students who have not yet received their student ID cards due to the pandemic situation can receive their cards from the campus where they will study during working hours.