Kemal Gözükara Campus

Kemal Gözükara Yerleşkesi

The Kemal Gözükara Campus is located in the satellite city of Tepekent, on the west side of the Büyükçekmece Lake. The Kemal Gözükara Campus consists of a closed area of 65.000 m2 and houses the faculties and schools offering undergraduate programmes.

The Kemal Gözükara Campus includes:

  • 300 smart classrooms and lecture halls with different capacities designed to provide education to 15.000 students at the same time,

  • 4000 m2 engineering labs,
  • A 2000 m2 library and knowledge resources centre,
  • A capacity of 75.000 books in common use and 11.800 e-books,
  • A 1500 m2 conference and theatre hall with a seat capacity of 900,
  • Campus Wi-Fi network,
  • A 3000 m2 cafeteria area,
  • A 2000 m2 indoor and terrace dining hall areas,
  • A semi-olympic  indoor swimming pool,
  • A semi-olympic  outdoor swimming pool,
  • An indoor sports centre,
  • Outdoor sports areas,
  • Astro turf football pitches,
  • A health and fitness centre,
  • An aerobics hall,
  • A 5000 m2 car park,
  • Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Industrial Products Engineering, Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering laboratories, Simultaneous Interpreting and Translation Technologies Laboratory,
  • Molecular biology, genetics and chemistry laboratories,
  • Nutrition and dietetics laboratories,
  • Physiotherapy laboratories,
  • Research laboratories.

The 400,000 m2 open recreation area located within Istanbul Arel University’s Kemal Gözükara Campus has been planned as a large complex which will allow activities of culture, art, sport, entertainment and relaxation to be simultaneously carried out.

Within the scope of the project that has started to be carried out on an area of 400,000 m2, there will be;

  • A 5.000 seat capacity  open-air theatre,
  • 2 olympic-size outdoor swimming pools,
  • A 70x105 m football field,
  • 5 astro turf football pitches,
  • 15 basketball courts,
  • 10 tennis courts,
  • 2 beach volley fields,
  • A mini golf court,
  • A cafeteria area for 3.000 people,
  • 8 km walking and running tracks,
  • A 3.000-vehicle capacity car park,
  • Ponds, playgrounds, fitness areas, gazebos and picnic areas.

Sefaköy Campus

Sefaköy Yerleşkesi

The Sefaköy Campus is located in the Küçükçekmece/Sefaköy district. It is situated close to the E-5 Main Road and has a closed area of 23.000 m2. The Sefaköy Campus includes the Vocational School offering 2 year associate programmes and the institutes offering graduate programmes.

The Sefaköy Campus includes:

  • 80 smart classrooms each with a 40-student capacity,
  • 6 lecture halls,
  • A 1.200 m2 radio and television studio,
  • Project halls,
  • Research labs,
  • Computer labs,
  • MAC labs
  • A 800m2 library and knowledge resources centre,
  • A capacity of 75.000 books in common use and 11.800 e-books,
  • A 680 seat capacity conference hall,
  • An 800 m2 cafeteria and terrace area,
  • Anaesthesia and medical analysis labs,
  • A culinary atelier,
  • An electrical and electronics atelier,
  • An optical lab,
  • An airframe mock-up room (MOCAP),
  • An aircraft technology lab,
  • An outfit and fashion atelier,
  • A jewellery atelier,
  • An editing lab,
  • A drama atelier,
  • A Architectural technology lab.

The Yenibosna Sports and Culture Complex, which has a closed area of 10.000 m2, is located close to the Sefaköy Campus and includes:

  • An indoor semi-olympic swimming pool,
  • A multi-purpose hall for basketball, volleyball, tennis and handball, with a spectator capacity of 600 people,
  • Sport halls for step and gymnastic apparatus work,
  • A conference/theatre hall with a capacity of 1200 people, including an exhibition hall and a cafeteria.

Cevizlibağ Campus

Sefaköy Yerleşkesi

Our new Cevizlibağ Campus, located in the most central area of Istanbul, consists of a closed area of 15.000 m² and an open area of 3.200 m². Within the Cevizlibağ Campus there are;

  • The Faculty of Medicine which will begin accepting admissions in 2020
  • School of Health Sciences​
  • 8 basic classrooms
  • medical skills lab
  • histology and pathology lab
  • biochemistry and microbiology lab
  • medical biology-genetics-biophysics lab
  • mock-ups and models lab
  • anatomy and dissection lab
  • technology lab
  • physiology lab
  • 22 smart classrooms
  • computer lab
  • m² library and knowledge resource centre, a 24-hour open reading hall, 8 silent study rooms for both students and academicians
  • conference hall with a seating capacity of 200
  • 800 m² dining hall with a seating capacity of 500 and a 1.000 m² cafeteria with both open and closed areas
  • physiotherapy lab
  • psychomotor and skills lab
  • chemistry lab
  • nutrition and dietetics lab
  • food and microbiology lab