Faculty of Communication

Department of Journalism


Department of Journalism adopts a multidimensional educational approach as a principle and aims to provide the students with professional knowledge in the light of latest developments in technology and communication sciences, and with the intellectual background and general knowledge necessary to practise the profession of journalism in the best way. Department of Journalism enables students to keep up with the times, in line with the developing communication technologies. Accordingly, the Department gives particular importance to internet publishing in the academic program.

Professionals from the media sector, as well as experienced lecturers, convey their knowledge to students. Doing internships in media sector enables students to become acquainted with the media sector early and to practically learn about the profession. Students are also guided about specializing in the field of journalism.

The Department aims to educate journalists who meet the needs of the media sector. The graduates have opportunity to work particularly in printed media like newspapers, magazines, internet publishing; in other visual and audial sectors of media; in media relations departments of public and private sectors.