Faculty of Communication

Department of Visual Communication Design


Department of Visual Communication Design is related to visual design and product, and aims to develop students’ abilities of observation and comprehension. Working areas of the Department include printed media such as newspapers, magazines, posters, corporate identity; and visual media such as graphic, animation, visual effects, web design, multimedia design. Through its multidisciplinary structure, the Department brings together theoretical knowledge with analytical thinking, esthetic comprehension, creativeness and application. It aims at overreaching traditional communication methods and hence constantly reforms and improves itself regarding technological developments, and changes in and requests of the society.

Aim of the Department is to train visual communication designers who can solve visual problems in the light of theories and examples they know, can put new designs into service of society, can create effective visual messages by using visual language.

Courses in the Department contain issues like visual literacy, multimedia design, web design, desktop publishing, animation, typography, video techniques. The academic program contains studies and projects that put emphasis on application as well as courses that provide students with necessary knowledge in the field.

At the end of this education process, students graduate as individuals who are competent in the competitive global communication environment. They have employment opportunities in various advertising agencies, television channels, software companies, film production and animation companies.