Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

Department of Industrial Product Design

Department of Industrial Product Design aims to provide the education that would improve the “creativeness” of eager students who have adopted “Designing” as a profession. Correspondingly, the Department provides the students with comprehensive courses that will enable them to apprehend the notion of designing in all its aspects, and to attain technical knowledge and skill throughout the four-years undergraduate education.

It’s aimed to teach the students to be individuals who are environmentally friendly, to show them the ways for learning by searching, and to provide them with education in basic and advanced-level subjects.

It’s aimed to improve students’ decision-making skills in  designing, to enable their adaptation to in-group working, to show them the ways for access to information, and on the  other hand to form a learning policy that provides training individuals who know the ways for life-long learning.

In addition, students’ learning is reinforced through making technical visits and workshops. It’s also aimed to enable the students to have sufficient information about planning, ergonomics, behavioural patterns, material specifications and production techniques. Students are also educated in assistive fields, such as business management and statistics.

The Department has an education model that provides raising “Industrial Product Designers” who are environmentalist, inventive, entrepreneurial, and adequate for market requirements.

Working Areas

The graduates can work in product designing sector, in work places that make serial production, in designing and production of products that make life easier, in industrial designing consultancy, in academic field, or in their own business which they can begin with their diplomas. 

On account of European Customs Union adjustment laws, industrial organizations have to employ industrial product designer who has signing authority for every new product they produce.