Faculty of Science and Letters

Dear Students, 

Faculty of Science and Letters gives education in basic and applied sciences, and in addition to its own departments it has also taken on important tasks in providing basic sciences courses to the University’s other departments and programs. It provides courses such as Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology in the field of science; and courses such as Turkish Language, History, Sociology, Psychology in the social field, for all the programs of the university. 

Our Faculty aims to graduate its students as graduates who are modern, qualified, social, sophisticated, competent to make scientific studies at national and international levels, and have creative thinking. 

Our Faculty has taken student - centered education as a principle and carries on its education and research activities in six Departments as Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Department of Turkish Language and Literature, Department of Psychology, Department of Sociology, Department of Translation and Interpreting (in English), and Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics. It’s also planned to establish new Departments within the body of our Faculty. 

Our students have the opportunity to graduate with two bachelor’s degree from our University through attending the Double Major Program in a department other than their own, in case they want to and meet the conditions that’re prescribed by our academic regulations. Minor Program is another opportunity that the students of all Departments can benefit from. Moreover, the students can spend an academic year of their education in a European University through the Erasmus+ Program. 

Prof. Dr. Muhammet YELTEN 
Dean, Faculty of Science and Letters