Faculty of Science and Letters

Department of Turkish Language and Literature


Türk DiliLanguage as a concept, can only be concretized as a written and spoken communication instrument. Otherwise, we can not talk about language. And literature is always a literature of a language. There is a natural and requisite relation between language and literature.



Turkish Language and Literature is a discipline formed for the purpose of studying Turkish language and literature with all of its characteristics and components, from past to present. This discipline is represented and educated in Turkish Language and Literature Departments of universities which are educational establishments where sciences are present as a whole.



Turkish Language and Literature Department has a distinctive importance among other language and literature departments. This importance firstly arise from the characteristic of Turkish language and Turkish literature. Turkish language is not a simple language; it’s among the oldest languages of the world and, is also one of the most common languages in the world.



Working Areas



The graduates of Turkish Language and Literature Department can work in many fields by virtue of their specialization. They can work as Turkish teachers and Literature teachers in the schools of Ministry of Education and in private courses; as well as they can work in the fields where Turkish Language and Literature expertise is required, such as media, press, visual media, archive and librarianship.



Istanbul Arel University Department of Turkish Language and Literature guarantees to provide education in line with the scope and purpose mentioned above; and to resolutely make all kinds of effort that’s necessary to provide the students with a qualified, privileged education in the field of Turkish Language and Literature.