School of Foreign Languages

İbrahim Darama

Dear Students,

Need for personnel who know at least one foreign language is increasing day by day. As a result of our industrial, economic and political relations with the rapidly developing and changing world and our efforts to keep up with the technology of the information age, the term “qualified” is necessarily added to the definition of a personnel “who knows foreign language”.

As much as the need for trained personnel who know foreign language, preferably English, there’s also need for personnel who have “qualified foreign language knowledge” and thus can communicate in the international arena and “have a voice” in the fields of international law, international trade, logistics, banking, every kind of service sector, cultural activities, technology and industry.

We, as Istanbul Arel University School of Foreign Languages, are conscious of this fact. Actually, preparatory programs have two very important duties. Preparatory programs are the first steps of students into the university life. During the preparatory year, students become acquainted with academic study habits, academic discipline, freedom and the responsibilities brought along with this freedom. Therefore, we have a duty to ensure that our students acquire the necessary qualifications that can meet the demands of university life in the short term and professional life in the long term. The other duty is our fundamental duty, which is teaching English.

In Istanbul Arel University, English teaching starts in preparatory year and continues in the fields of general English and professional English during the whole education program for four years in faculties and departments. Administrative and academic responsibility of the preparatory year and the general English courses in faculties belong to Coordinatorship of Preparatory Program.

We carry out preparatory program in our two campuses. Students who are registered in Vocational School attend preparatory program in Sefaköy Campus and students who are registered in undergraduate programs attend preparatory program in Kemal Gözükara Campus.

We aim to improve our students’ knowledge and skills in English throughout the one year in preparatory program. We have the teaching staff, well-planned programs, the excitement and vision that are necessary for the students to achieve “qualified language proficiency” that they will need in their following university lives and their professional and possible academic lives after graduation.

Our academic aim in preparatory program and in English courses in departments is to educate students who understand what they read and listen and communicate verbally and in written. Education is a difficult and toilsome mission. It requires patience. The results can not be received from today to tomorrow at short notice. It requires an effort just like tiny brush strokes that a painter does while creating a masterpiece. Everyone should play a role in this effort. We, as preparatory program, have taken our places as a part of the team with our well trained teaching staff, experience and excitement.