School of Health Sciences

Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Aim of the Department is to educate professionals who can perform practices of recovering, improving, and minimizing physical incompetence in cases such as disease, senescence, pain and physical injury which significantly affect the health of individuals and society and cause social-economic losses and various dysfunctions. These professionals would also perform practices to protect and maintain individuals’ physical health and functional abilities. Successful students of the four-years undergraduate education program graduate as ‘Physiotherapist’.

The graduates can work in institutions and hospitals affiliated to Ministry of Health, in private educational institutions, in sports clubs, in health and sport centers, in private hospitals, in nursing homes and home care centers.

Physiotherapists mostly work in the fields of physiotherapy, rehabilitation and pain treatment of health problems caused by neurological diseases, orthopaedic and traumatologic diseases, rheumatic diseases, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, obstetric and urogynaecologic cases, sports injuries, pediatric rehabilitation, geriatrics, hand injuries, neurosurgery, plastic surgery and general surgery.