School of Health Sciences

Department of Social Work


Only having a proper place and adequate equipment is not sufficient for an efficient social work; the labor force well-educated in the field of social work is also primarily required. Education and number of the personnel working in this field are crucial for improvement of the society’s health and social conditions. The aim of the Department of Social Work is to graduate its students as social workers who are qualified to help people ideally make use of the opportunities provided for them in the society.

The 4-years undergraduate program of the Department includes practices, research and project studies in the field as well as in-class training. In the first two years the program includes courses such as economy, sociology, political sciences, social anthropology, psychology and social psychology. In the last two years the program includes topics that are particularly within the scope of social work; such as introduction to social work, fields of social work, social problems, interview methods, medical and psychiatric social work, family and child welfare, criminality, population dynamics, social welfare, methods of social work (social- personal work, social group work, working with the society, social welfare research, social work management). In the last year the program especially includes social work practices and researches, projects and seminars.

Successful students of the Department of Social Work graduate as “Social Worker”.

The graduates have employment opportunities in many institutions and organizations in public and private sector, and in international organizations. Some of these employment opportunities are listed below:

  • In the field of child welfare such as in kindergartens, kids clubs, centers for street children, day nurseries, foster family programs
  • In the field of youth welfare such as in youth centers, student dormitories, student services units in universities 
  • In the field of family welfare such as in centers for family consulting, family courts, women’s shelters
  • In the field of forensic services such as in family courts, juvenile courts, youth detention centers, prisons 
  • In the field of healthcare such as in hospitals, psychiatry clinics, health centers 
  • In the field of elderly welfare such as in rest homes, information-centers for old persons, clubs for elderly 
  • In the field of handicapped welfare such as in nursing and rehabilitation centers 
  • In the field of worker welfare such as in factories, labour unions
  • In the field of poverty alleviation and social welfare
  • In the field of community development such as in community centers
  • In international organizations such as in the United Nations