Sports Center

Establish a New Club

Arel University students can establish new Sports Clubs, if they provide the following requirements:

  • Make sure that the new Sports Club will draw interest and there will be many other students who will want to participate.
  • Contact the Sports and Recreation Office.
  • Establish guidelines for the management of the club, in accordance with the Arel University Sports Clubs Directive.
  • The club should have an advisor who’s an academic or administrative staff member.
  • Make a list of at least 4 club members who will serve for the club.
  • Write a petition to the Sports and Recreation Office.

In order to be recognized as a University Sports Club, a group must provide an admissible service for the University and conduct its activities in compliance with the rules established by the Department of Health, Culture and Sports and the Sports and Recreation Office.

A sports club’s success largely depends on the professionalism and leadership displayed by the club’s president, advisor and coach. The clubs are established by and for the students. Each club determines its own membership conditions, fees and activities. Club members choose among themselves the members who will manage the below mentioned operations of the club.

  • Programming exercise programs, activities and games
  • Making contracts with coaches and trainers
  • Providing referee for games and tournaments when necessary
  • Coordinating and organizing transportation
  • Making a budget