Student Accommodation


Only the registered students of Istanbul Arel University can apply for Villa Dormitories. The University strives for formation of a respectful, friendly, positive and active community in Villa Dormitories for all the student residents.

Personal opinions of all the residents, who come from many different parts of Turkey and the world, are respected. Technology, work life and diverse educational opportunities require students to regard themselves not only as citizens of Turkey but also as citizens of the world. In Villa Dormitories, students develop their skills of communicating with and understanding different people and they benefit from those skills throughout their lives.

Application Form

It’s advised that students make their applications as early as possible. The rooms are assigned on a first come first served basis. There’s no guarantee of room assignment for all the applicants. Applications made after Villa Dormitories are full are placed on a wait list and in cases of vacancy these applicants are contacted in order of their application dates.

The Application Form for Villa Dormitories can be obtained from the Office of Student Housing in Kemal Gözükara Campus. You can contact the Office of Student Housing via the contact information indicated in the “Contact” section or via e-mail:

After filling out the Application Form it can posted or delivered by hand to the Office of Student Housing in Kemal Gözükara Campus, or faxed to: (0212) 540 97 97

The submitted Application Forms are evaluated on a first come first served basis. In two weeks at the latest, the admitted applicants are informed about their admission, which Villa Dormitory and room they’ve been placed in, and payment conditions.

Wait List

Students who make application for Villa Dormitories after the application deadline or after quota is full will be placed on a wait list. Being on the wait list does not guarantee, but increases the chance of being placed in a Villa Dormitory in case of vacancy. The priorities in the wait list will be determined according to a number of factors such as date of application and distance of the applicants’ current address from the University. The students who don’t seem likely to be placed in a Villa Dormitory in that academic term will be notified in written in September.